Home Comforts for the Foreign Traveler Visiting the U.S.

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If you’re looking to travel abroad, there are plenty of excellent spots to hit up in the US. In fact, there is no shortage of experiences to keep you busy, and plenty of US culture, cuisine, and entertainment to delight.

However, there’s no denying that time away from your home comforts can leave you with feelings of homesickness. As such, here are 4 ways you can bring some of the amenities of home with you on your U.S. travels.

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Research What You Can Take with You

Everyone has creature comforts they just can’t live without, whether they be a certain food, drink, or other convenience. If this describes you, then think about taking some of your favorite items with you.

First, take the time to work out the luggage restrictions for items you want to take abroad. Different countries will all have different rules, and the restrictions for carry-on luggage tend to be even more strict. Know what you can pack and know where to pack it to avoid any airport hassles.

For example, U.S. airports still restrict carryon liquids to a quart-sized bag, and each container must be 3.4 ounces or less.

Stay Connected and Stay Powered

Mobile devices are an essential part of the travel experience. Where would we be without our phone to snap pictures of the sights or to get in touch with loved ones back home. As such, make sure that you bring those essential travel gadgets and accessories to keep you powered, like a Wi-Fi dongle and travel charger, so you’re able to find the connection you need (at least in most places that have internet infrastructure).

Enjoy Your Favorite Media

You’re not likely to spend a whole lot of time watching movies, listening to podcasts, or binging the TV shows that you watch back home while traveling to the U.S., but every vacation has downtime, and sometimes you can be left with nothing to do. Nights in the hotel or hours in the airport can go a lot quicker when you have something to watch.

However, here’s the catch. Different countries have different versions of Netflix, and the region you access changes depending on where you are. Be sure to learn how to change region on Netflix, so you can access all the same shows that you would be able to watch at home.

Find Travel Guides for Local Shops

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If you’re hitting up some of the more popular tourist destinations, then you’re likely going to be able to find aisles, shelves, and entire stores that are dedicated to foods and products from specific countries overseas. Those from English-speaking countries tend to be the most popular.

If you’re heading to a major city or tourist town, look online for guides to finding international food in local stores, or even order some of your favorite international products and have them delivered to where you’re staying. Of course, the availability will depend on where you’re going, so be specific with your Googling.

In Conclusion

You want to make sure that you immerse yourself in the experiences that the world has to offer but, in many ways, bringing some of your home comforts can help you do that. Hopefully, the tips above make it easier to manage.

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