Top Pet-Friendly Vacation Destinations in Oregon, The Most Dog-Friendly State in the Union

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If you’re like us, you’re always seeking new pet-friendly vacations, restaurants, and specially, pet-friendly hotels. We always find ourselves hunting for dog friendly places in Oregon and New England because, after all, going on an adventure just isn’t the same without your dog.

And if you’re like us, you also know that pet-friendly vacations and destinations can be hard to find when traveling the U.S. Some states seem downright unfriendly when it comes to welcoming your canine companion (ahem, yes, Iowa, we’re looking at you).

On the other hand, states like Oregon, recently voted the most pet-friendly state in the nation, offer a wide variety of dog-friendly activities and destinations. According to Safeco, author of the report, “Oregon has it all—thousands of pet-friendly properties to visit, strict anti-abuse laws, and lots of no-kill shelters where you can meet new friends.”

Pet-friendly ranking of U.S. States

Map ranking the most dog-friendly states
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So, whether you live in Oregon or are looking for pet-friendly vacations, we’re racking up a list of the best spots to go with Fido. We’ll be updating this list regularly, so keep checking back for more on dog-friendly places Oregon.

And if you’ve gone somewhere we haven’t mentioned, by all means, drop us a line using the form to the left, so we can get it on the list.

Let’s make this a resource for all dog lovers looking for pet-friendly things to do in Oregon.

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Finding Hotels for Pet-Friendly Vacations in Oregon

Many Oregon hotels are not only dog accommodating, but dog friendly. If you are planning a vacation, be sure to check out these dog friendly hotels in common Oregon vacation places.

River Inn at Seaside

Upclose shot of the treats provided by Seaside Inn in Astoria with dog in background enjoying treat
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River Inn at Seaside proved to be a worthy dog-friendly hotel in Oregon during our recent trip to Astoria. Kimber enjoyed her own gift pack, a food and water bowl and a safe river-view balcony where she could watch the birds.

Located between the dog-friendly places in Oregon: Cannon Beach and Astoria, it’s a great stopping place for visiting both destinations.

Holiday Inn Express- the Dalles, OR

During our dog friendly vacation in the Columbia River gorge, we decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in the Dalles. This hotel was comfortable, and the staff very friendly. There were a lot of dogs at the hotel, and due to this, we opted to take the stairs over the elevator after being crowded in the elevator with too many dogs.

The hotel had plenty of room for dogs to use the facilities on the surrounding grounds. Additionally, the hotel is a short walk from many restaurants and shops in The Dalles.

The hotel is located at 2920 West 6th St, The Dalles, OR 97058.

Sleep Inn- Redmond

The Sleep Inn in Redmond, OR, is a wonderful dog friendly place in Oregon. The hotel is affordable as well. In fact, we were able to get a suite for a decent price and have more room to spread out.

The room was clean and the beds comfortable. The bathroom was spacious with a walk in shower and lots of amenities.

The Sleep Inn in Redmond is located at 1847 NW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756.

La Quinta in Bend, OR

Our convertible roadtrip with Kimber brought us to dog friendly Bend, OR where we stayed at the very dog-friendly La Quinta. Upon arrival, the room was clean and comfortable, and Kimber happily (and a little rudely) jumped right on the bed where she munched on a dog bone the hotel provided her with.

The bed was comfortable and the staff was all friendly. The doggie bathroom area, located conveniently behind the hotel, was quite large compared to most. It was also very clean! They have a policy that all waste must be picked up, and I have to say they did a great job of making sure that happened!

If we ever find ourselves in Bend again, which I’m sure we will, Kimber will be staying at the La Quinta!

La Quinta in Bend Oregon, a great dog friendly hotel
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On Our Pet-Friendly Hotel Must-Visit List

Hallmark Resort and Spa at Cannon Beach

The Inn at Cannon Beach

Pet-friendly Restaurants on Our Must-Visit List

Puppy laying in front of a table at a pet-friendly restaurant in Oregon.
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Casa El Mirador

Casa El Mirador in The Dalles is a delicious and accommodating pet friendly place in Oregon. The restaurant has individual dining pods outside that make dining comfortable most of the year.

These pods are so great because they keep dogs from different parties separate, and make for a more private dining experience. When we dined here, we enjoyed the large portions of food. Their menu is diverse, delicious, and affordable.

Three Rivers Grill

Three Rivers Grill in Hood River, OR offers outdoor, pet friendly dining on their beautiful patio. The staff were excited to see each dog that walked up, and even provided fresh water bowls for each four legged customer.

Their menu has a wide array of offerings including: seafood, steaks, lamb, and many starters.

The only drawback to Three Rivers is the parking situation. The parking is located on the street, so be prepared to park a block or two away, and walk up.

Broken Top Bottle Shop

Delicious, healthy food that you can enjoy with your dog? Yes please! While Broken Top Bottle shop is well known for their award winning beer, and their vegetarian dishes, we passed on both. We both had meal options with meat and skipped the beer, but our experience was still amazing at this dog-friendly place in Oregon.

We picked a table outside, and since it was a warm day, the waitress quickly came out with a big bowl of water for Kimber. She then explained that you order inside and they would bring the food out. My meal was a spaghetti squash lasagna, and it was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten!

This restaurant does not only allow dogs, they full on encourage dogs to dine! When we were there, many people arrived with dogs for lunch and each dog was happily greeted.

Tin Shed Garden Café

Every Tuesday is dog night at the Tin Shed in Portland. Dog days and special pup-friendly meals on the house make this a restaurant we find hard to ignore. If you get there before us, be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Nana’s Irish Pub

Nana’s in Newport welcomes dogs with an Irish flair, offering outdoor oceanside seating, as well as fresh water and a treat for your furry friend.

Steelhead Brewing Company

Outside seating is dog-friendly at this popular brewpub in Eugene. Don’t let cool weather scare you away either. Rumor has it, they’ll turn on heaters to keep you and Fido toasty warm.

Mt Angel Sausage Company

Who can resist German sausage and sauerkraut? Even if you’re not a fan, the outdoor pet-friendly patio may change your mind, or the German lager is sure to please. They even have a nearby Glockenspiel to really make you feel like you’ve traveled abroad.

Outdoor Adventure for Pet Friendly Vacations

S2G mascot, Kimber, on a pet-friendly vacation trail in southern Oregon.
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If you’re looking for pet-friendly vacation ideas in the big outdoors, Oregon offers a number of opportunities. Most hiking trails are open to dogs on leash. Here are a few of our favorites:

Kayaking on Clear Lake

Clear Lake is a quiet, crystal clear lake in Oregon, that has a secret beyond the fact that it is a phenomenal dog friendly place in Oregon. The secret is that the lake hides an entire underwater forest formed 3,000 years ago. To learn more about the lake itself, click here.

Clear Lake is the perfect dog friendly place in Oregon to add to your pet friendly vacation.
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Clear Lake is a wonderful place for families, and dogs. If you have a dog who loves water activities and camping, head to Clear Lake. The lake has cabins for rent, as well as boats and kayaks available.

Yaquina Falls Dog Friendly Hike

Is your dog an adventurer? Are you always looking for off the beaten path and dog friendly places in Oregon? Yaquina Falls will fulfill the adventure for your dog friendly vacation.

Yaquina Falls is an intense hike, for dogs and humans alike. Our adventurous canine enjoyed the steep climbs and the beautiful sights at the end. This hike can be hard to find, and even harder to complete. Before you attempt it, be sure to read all about it here first.

Drift Creek Falls Hike

Drift Creek Falls is a moderate three mile hike near the Oregon coast. Located in Oregon’s Siuslaw National Forest, the out and back style trail winds through regrowth forests and over small footbridges until it reaches a 240-foot suspension bridge, an element of the hike nearly as spectacular as the falls.

I have to say, Drift Creek is one of our all time favorite dog friendly hiking trails in Oregon.

Fort Hoskins, Willamette Valley

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is known for its endless hiking opportunities, many of which are intertwined with rich Oregon history, such as Fort Hoskins. Enjoy serene walking trails through the grounds of old Fort Hoskins. Interpretive signs lead the way, explaining the history of what you see as well as many things that you don’t. Some period buildings remain in this dog-friendly place in Oregon.

McDowell Creek Falls

Kimber enjoying pet-friendly vacation stop, McDowell Creek Falls
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Not one, but two, waterfalls make this hike near Salem an extra special adventure. Royal Falls tumbles 119 feet, separating midway down before rejoining at the base of the falls.

At 39 feet, Majestic Falls may be significantly smaller in height than Royal Terrace Falls, but it makes up for it with the stunningly unique reveal. There is just something magical about stepping up the first few stairs and having the falls suddenly come into view as you steadily cross the wooden boardwalk.

Painted Hills

Mini Aussie, Kimber, the Oregon canine representatives for Seconds to Go, poses in front of the Painted Hills.
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Painted Hills in sunset colors spread across the desert landscape of the Pet-friendly John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Several hiking trails, connected via boardwalks, take you on a colorful tour of eons of the earth’s history. Dogs are welcome on leash.

Henline Falls

Henline Falls is a breathtaking dog friendly place in Oregon. The falls are adorned with wildflowers in the spring and summer, and there are plenty of places to let your dog wade into the water. Additionally, there is an abandoned silver mine entrance to the right of the falls.

For historical information and how to find the falls, click here.

Henline Falls is currently closed due to damage from the 2020 wildfires.

Toketee Falls

The hike to Tokatee Falls may be a short jaunt from the parking lot, but oh, the view. From start to finish, this picturesque hike is one for the record books, featuring every cliché a travel blogger could embrace.

Babbling brooks cascade over picturesque rocks at this hidden gem, all leading to one of the most visited waterfalls in all of Oregon. When you head out, take the dog, because the Tokatee Falls trail is the perfect dog-friendly place in Oregon.

Located within the Umpqua National Forest, a visit to Tokatee Falls is just one of the many opportunities for outdoor adventure on a Southern Oregon pet-friendly vacation.

Bohemia Mine

Bohemia Mine is another off the beaten path hike to add to your dog friendly vacation. The drive to get to the trailhead may be long, but the hike itself is in between easy and moderate, and quite short.

The hike ends at what is left of the Bohemia Mining town. Today all that is left of the town is the post office and the mine cart tracks. The hike is fun for dogs, and fascinating for history buffs. With its location being so remote, you may even be able to let your obedient dog off leash to explore a bit.

But, be sure to place your pup back on leash once you reach the town, for safety.

Valley of the Giants

Another hike that is perfect to bring your dog on, is the Valley of the Giants hike. This hike is easy with slight inclines and declines as you wander through giant old growth trees. This dog friendly Oregon hike is long enough to take up a couple hours, and long enough to wear out your four legged friend.

Sahalie and Koosah Falls

Sahalie and Koosah Falls is a magical hike through an Oregon fir tree forest that leads to two waterfalls and a reservoir. This dog friendly place in Oregon is a moderate hike that covers a 2.6 mile loop.

one of the most beautiful dog friendly places in Oregon destinations of Koosah Falls
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During the warmer summer months you will frequently see slackliners hanging out above the falls, or even tight rope walking across them. The hike is moderately trafficked, and parking can be limited. SO, be sure to get there early with your furry friend.

Beazell Memorial Forest Hike

Kimber jumps a log during her pet-friendly vacation at Beazell Memorial Forest
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Take Doggo for a hike and step into a beautiful love story at Beazell Memorial Forest.

Fred Beazell began purchasing over-forested land and abandoned pastures in Kings Valley starting in the 1960s. Unable to marry the woman he loved due to family opposition, the land gave him respite from a broken heart as well as a new purpose.

After finally marrying the woman of his dreams following the death of her mother, Fred decided to introduce his love to his labor of love. They enjoyed the property together for a few short years, before Delores’ passing in 1993. Upon Fred’s death, the entire 586-acre parcel was donated to Benton County and the Beazell Memorial Forest was established as a popular hiking spot and dog friendly place in Oregon.

Beazel is located in the Willamette Valley, near many world-class wineries. Some even welcome your dog, so you can extend a hike at Beazel into a pet-friendly vacation.

Enjoy a Pet Friendly Vacation on the Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is a well loved vacation spot in Oregon. But, did you know the Gorge is one of the best dog-friendly places in Oregon. Almost all of the hikes welcome dogs, and many of the hotels, restaurants, and shops are dog friendly as well.

If you enjoy challenging hikes, consider making visiting the Columbia River Gorge a part of your pet friendly vacation.

The Most Famous Dog-Friendly Hike in Oregon

Hiking Multnomah Falls is a must do on any Oregonian’s bucket list. And, it can be for your dog too. Multnomah Falls is a classic dog-friendly place in Oregon on the Columbia River.

Located just off Highway 84, Multnomah Falls can be a short, or long hike with your pup. To see the falls, all you have to do is walk past the lodge and up a few stairs, and they are in plain sight.

For an additional adventure with your dog, consider hiking the 15 switchback trail to the top of the falls.

Multnomah Falls Lodge

The Multnomah Falls Lodge can almost be considered a dog friendly place in Oregon, even though technically it is not. The lodge houses a restaurant, which is indoors and not dog friendly. But do not fret, if visiting Multnomah Falls is on your pet friendly vacation, you can still dine at the restaurant.

We recommend ordering takeout from the restaurant and eating it at one of the outdoor tables below the falls. These tables are dog friendly, and takeout at the restaurant is very speedy, and delicious.

Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike

If you are on the Columbia River Gorge for your pet friendly vacation, the Mosier Twin Tunnels are a must do. The hike itself is easy, with a slight uphill climb on a paved section of the old highway 30.

One of the best hiking trails in Oregon is the Mosier Twin Tunnels
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The hike ends at the Mosier Twin Tunnels, which are a great dog friendly place in Oregon. The tunnels are a recently restored piece of the old, original highway. The tunnels are historic and absolutely breathtaking.

Horsetail and Ponytail Falls

Horsetail and Ponytail Falls are more waterfalls on the dog friendly places in Oregon list for the Columbia River Gorge. Horsetail Falls requires no hiking at all, as the falls are directly across from the parking lot.

Ponytail Falls is the fall above Horsetail Falls, and requires some hiking. The hike is moderate, and a bit steep in places, but the view is worth it. Once you are at Ponytail Falls, you can walk into a cavern behind the falls and even walk down into the water with your dog.

Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery

The Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery is a unique dog friendly place in Oregon that is perfect for all ages. The Fish hatchery features beautiful grounds and flower beds which wrap around the large fish holding ponds.

You can stroll around with your pet and read many of the informative signs to learn about how the hatchery works. Additionally, fish food dispensers are located around the ponds, and for just a quarter, you will receive a handful of fish food to feed the sturgeon, and trout.

Leashed pets are welcome at the hatchery, and many of them find it fascinating to watch the fish.

Latourell Falls Dog Friendly Hike

Latourell Falls is one of the first waterfalls you will encounter on Highway 30 in the Columbia River Gorge. If hiking is a piece of your pet friendly vacation, Latourell Falls should be on your list.

Latourell Falls is a moderate hike which features a 224 foot tall plunging waterfall. The base of the fall is very easy to get to, but for more of an adventure, you will want to take the hike to upper Latourell Falls. The hike can be 2.6 miles out and back, or turned into a 6.6 mile loop.

This trail can be very populated on the bottom end, so be sure your dog is okay with crowds before visiting this dog friendly place in Oregon.

Pet-Friendly Oregon Coast

Dog Friendly Oregon beaches

Oregon Travel Guide to Clamming
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Locals know that there are many, dog-friendly Oregon beaches. Just take a stroll and watch the number of dogs jumping waves and chasing balls. Even horses are welcome on some Oregon beaches.

In most cases, Oregon beaches are off-leash paradises for fun-loving canines. Just make sure you have control of your dog and keep in mind that even the most perfect pet can behave erratically in a new environment. If in doubt, take Fido out on leash.

Also, check local ordinances, before heading out. Some regional localities may have restrictions to protect sensitive habitats.

Canon Beach has been widely recognized as being dog-friendly, but we’ve also found that beach space north or south of the Wreck of the Peter Iredale to be a nice quiet location for off-leash adventurers.

Cape Meares

The Cape Meares lighthouse may not be known for standing tall, but it makes a great pet-friendly stop when traveling up the Oregon Coast. Just eleven miles outside of Tillamook, Cape Meares Lighthouse is the shortest beacon in Oregon, known for its distinctive red light and illumination sequence.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is a relaxing train ride along Oregon’s Coast, complete with pirates overtaking your train. While this adventure was not what we thought it was going to be, it was still a great trip to take with your dog.

We were expecting to see Oregon Coast cliff faces, ocean waves crashing and maybe even some seals. The views were not as spectacular as we were hoping, but Kimber still enjoyed it. Shockingly, the train allows leashed and well behaved dogs to accompany their owners at no extra cost. Dogs can sit on the floor or on the train seats with their people.

Mini Aussie sitting on girls lap on a Dog friendly Oregon trip
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Kimber, being the queen she is, picked to sit on the bench and feel the wind on her face. At then end of the train line, we took the short walk to the beach before boarding our train again for the return trip.

The pirates that explored the train interacting with visitors, were not Kimber’s favorite part, as she is very shy, but many of the other dogs were very happy with the attention.

Pet-Friendly Festivals

Dogs snacking on snowcones at Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival
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The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, is not your grandmother’s tulip patch! Boasting 40 acres of rainbow tulips with snow-peaked mountains as the backdrop, this festival packs a colorful punch.  Expect food, crafts, and of course, flowers, at this spring-time extravaganza.  

Best of all, it’s totally pet-friendly as long as your dog is on leash.

Pet-Friendly Parks

Minto Brown Island Park

Mini Aussie and Cowboy Corgi enjoying pet-friendly Minto Brown Island Park
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You don’t often hear pet-friendly in the same sentence with waterfowl and wildlife sanctuary, but at Minto Brown Island Park in Salem, you get the best of both worlds. Twenty-nine miles of trails and a 30-acre off-leash area make this Salem park one of the best dog-friendly places in Oregon.

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