Unleash Your Inner Zookeeper at Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center Bolton, MA

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Kangaroos, goats, snakes, oh my! Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center in Bolton MA is a sanctuary for just about every animal you can imagine. They offer guided and self- tours where you can get up close and personal with some of the furry and feathery residents.

Animal Adventures, Bolton has been caring for injured, abandoned, and homeless exotic and common animals since 1997. They are a licensed zoo and educational center and strive to teach future generations about animals and protecting them.

So, what’s it like to enter into the world of Animal Adventures? I’ve got the answers to all your questions below!

What Can You Do at Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA?

Well, visit animals of course! Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center is a last-chance haven for many of earth’s creatures, offering an opportunity to commune with a variety of animals, both the usual and not so common. You’ll find a unique petting zoo with friendly goats, large tortoises, a pony, rabbits, pigs and more. You can explore many of the enclosures on a self-guided basis. Enter the reptile room and see a snake as big as a car, or alligators lounging around. It’s a New England destination animal lovers won’t want to miss.

Animal Adventures small building
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Inside the house you will see foxes sleeping, waking up long enough to make yipping sounds at the visitors, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, and a chinchilla. Surprisingly, monkeys and lemurs also call Animal Adventures home.

To see the rest of the exotic animals, a tour is required. The tour is very hands on and in depth and gives the opportunity to interact and pet some of the exotics that call Animal Adventures home (even a porcupine!).

Animal Adventures Bolton Reviews

Wallaby laying in his enclosure on a hot day at Animal Adventures in Bolton MA
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Our trip to Animal Adventures Zoo & Rescue Center was an exciting one. We happened upon the establishment on a hot and humid July day and opted for the 90-minute private tour. This option provided us with a chance to see and interact with more animals than we would have seen exploring independently.

Under normal circumstances, the animals are quite friendly and tolerant of human companionship. Whether it was the extreme heat or other unknown factors, some of the furry and feathered friends were a little out of sorts during our visit.

Our tour began in the emu enclosure. Our guide ensured us that the inhabitant was quite friendly and enjoyed interacting with humans. Once all four of us were inside her enclosure, however, she had some different ideas about being friendly. After sensing her demeanor, our guide suggested we visit her from outside the fence instead.

One other animal that wasn’t up to visits on this particular day was the kangaroo. She was stretched out on her side trying to remain cool in the heat. She did allow some scratches but soon grew weary of the attention. It was proof that animals, like humans, can also have bad days.

We were able to interact with several birds, hold the ferrets and visit with foxes and other mammals, as well as reptiles, including one very large snake. Overall, we would recommend a visit to Animal Adventures Zoo & Rescue Center for anyone who wants to learn more about the creatures that share the planet with us.

Since our visit, Animal Adventures Bolton has acquired a capybara and a sloth, so we are excited to go back and meet Ms. Humphrey, as well as Esther and Sid, the two-toed sloths.

What Are the Tour Options at Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center?

There are multiple tour options at Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA, including custom private tours.

  • General Admission (all ages): Guests who purchase a general admission ticket can visit with goats, bunnies and zookeepers on a self guided basis. This ticket also includes admission to several animal shows offered throughout the day.
  • 1-Hour Custom Private Tour (ages 4 and up): The 1-hour custom private tour at Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center takes guests behind the scenes. Guests may select up to 6 animals for their private, zookeeper-led tour, with the exception of the following: cats, sloths, coatis, Muntjac, capybara and primates.
  • 90-Minute Private Tours (all ages): the 90-minute tour also takes you behind the scenes with an experienced guide who will provide details and facts about all the animal species. This tour includes interactions with some of the more exotic species such as a kangaroo. We took this tour at Seconds to Go and were able to pet a skunk, wallaby and a very sweet porcupine, not to mention a quite grumpy ostrich. We were also able to hold the ferret, feed the toucan and learn about the many tortoises roaming the property, as well as other species that call the sanctuary home. The 90 minute tour includes around 15 animals with the exception of: cats, primates, coati, Muntjac, capybara and sloth.
  • Extreme Private Tour (ages 6 and up)- The Animal Adventures Extreme Tour is a 2-hour amped up version of the 90-minute private tour. This tour includes visits to every animal on site and interactions with even more species. This tour includes visiting the lynx, foxes, and being able to pet some of the more exotic animals such as kangaroos and snakes. This tour is more customizable, allowing you to choose which animals you want to spend more time with. The following animals are not available for interactions: cats, primates, sloths, capybara and coati but does include the Munthac Deer.
  • Capybara Encounter (all ages): Since our last visit, Animal Adventures Bolton has added a capybara to their center. In this tour, guests may feed, pet and brush Ms. Humphrey. The Capybarra Encounter lasts 20 minutes
  • Sloth Encounter (ages 7 and up): Another new tour we are particularly excited for is the sloth encounter. This special 20 minute experience takes guests into the world of the center’s two sloths, Sid and Esther. The cost is $300 for up to 4 guests.
  • Reptile Tour (all ages): Snake and other reptile lovers will enjoy this opportunity to learn about the many reptiles that call the center home. You’ll be able to learn from zookeepers and even hold some of the specimens.
  • My First Tour (ages 2-5): This tour is designed especially for little ones and offers a fear-free immersive first experience into animal life. Guests may pick 6 animals to visit on this customized tour. The tour runs for 30 minutes and includes general admission for the day.
  • Owl Connection (ages 14 and up): Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center is home to a Eureasian Eagle Owl. During this 30-minute encounter guests will learn all about this special bird as well as other rescued birds. This is a shortened version of the center’s popular owl class.
  • Muntjac Encounter: If you’ve ever wanted to meet a Muntjac Barking Deer, this is your chance. If you’ve never heard of a Muntjac, this is also your chance to learn all about the species, while interacting with Belle, the center’s resident barking deer.

All tours can be booked online on the Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center website. Please note that all tours will run regardless of the weather and do include outdoor segments, so be prepared with rain gear if the forecast calls for wet conditions.

How Much is Admission to Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA?

tortoise on the ground in Animal Adventures in Bolton MA
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Tours vary in cost depending upon the length of the experience and level of interaction.

  • General Admission: A general admission ticket is $16 per adult and $7 for toddlers aged 2-3. Children under 2 are free.
  • 1-Hour Custom Private Tour: The 1-hour custom private tour at Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center is $50 per person.
  • 90-Minute Private Tours: the 90-minute tour is $74 per person aged 4 and up and $7 for children aged 2-3. After hours private tours are also available at a cost of $125 per person or $7 for children aged 2-3.
  • Extreme Private Tour- The Animal Adventures Extreme Tour is charged at a rate of $100 per person for ages 6 and up. If you wish to take this tour after hours, the cost is $150 per person. Extreme tours with the owner are also available at a cost of $200 per person.
  • Capybara Encounter: The Capybarra Encounter lasts 20 minutes and is $85 per person
  • Sloth Encounter: The Sloth encounter is $300 for up to 4 guests.
  • Reptile Tour: The reptile tour is $25 per person ages 4 and up. Children aged 2-3 can enter at a special rate of $7 per person.
  • My First Tour: This tour is designed especially for little ones aged 2-5 and is $50 for each child and parent pair. Additional toddlers or parents may be added to the tour for $25 per person.
  • Owl Connection: This 30-minute encounter is $50 per person
  • Muntjac Encounter: The Muntjac encounter runs 20 minutes and is $46 per person.

Can I touch the animals at Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA?

The short answer to this question is, yes! Upon arrival, there are many animals roaming the grounds that are all very friendly and love being pet. The animals outside in the petting zoo enclosures can be pet if they come up to the fence to you. Inside the house next to the check-in office is a small enclosure of guinea pigs, who love to be pet, but not picked up.

white fox in his enclosure at Animal Adventures in Bolton MA
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As far as the more exotic animals, the tortoises roaming around Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA are allowed to be pet, but stay clear of their heads. The rest of the animals inside the enclosures are not allowed to be touched unless you are on a guided tour and your tour guide allows you to do so.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center?

You can visit Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center any time of year but be aware that the animals’ behavior can change based on the weather. When we visited, it was very hot and humid, and we were all feeling the heat. Especially the ostrich who was not very happy to see us during our tour.

snake being handled by a worker at Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center.
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Inside the buildings at Animal Adventures, there is no AC so we were pretty sticky and hot by the time our tour was over. During cooler temps, the animals will be more active and friendlier. You may feel the same.

Also, Animal Adventures can be pretty busy, so if you can go during the week, we recommend that as well as booking your tour ahead of time.


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