Are Dogs Allowed at Disney World? The Answer May Surprise You

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Since 67 percent of American households own a pet, and 78 percent take them with them when they travel, it isn’t surprising that people often wonder if dogs are allowed at Disney World. The answer in a nutshell, is sort of.

While service dogs are always welcome at Disney World resorts, on Disney complimentary transportation and at Disney World parks, you’ll need to keep reading to find out whether traveling with your dog to Disney World now is right for you and your fur kid.

Are Dogs Allowed at Disney World?

Corgi lying on a bed at a Disney World resort
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To answer the all-important question, dogs are allowed at some Disney World Resorts. In 2017, Disney began welcoming canines at four resorts across the property as part of a pilot program.

Why were these resorts chosen? For one thing, they represent a sampling of all resort categories. Yacht Club is one of Disney’s Deluxe resorts, while Port Orleans and The Cabins at Fort Wilderness are priced as moderates and the Art Of Animation is a Value resort. By covering all of the three resort categories, Disney is making it possible for travelers to bring Fido along no matter what their vacation budget is.

Just as importantly, these four resorts also offer easy access to outside locations, including grassy dog-relief areas, as well as walkways where owners can exercise their dogs.

If you’re thinking that traveling with your dog to Disney World will help you save money and stretch your Disney budget, you should know that there is an additional $75 nightly fee for keeping your pet in the room with you.

What Do I Need to Know When Bringing My Dog to Disney World?

Mickey and his pals are really rolling out the welcome mat for your dog at Disney World. As proof, your furry friend will receive Pluto’s Welcome Kit, complete with all of the amenities Fido will need to make a stay complete:

  • Pet Identification Tag
  • Food Mat
  • Food bowl
  • Water bowl
  • Bandana
  • Map to walking paths
  • List of dog friendly areas

It’s exciting news for Disney World lovers who also love their pets, but before we set off the fireworks and release the balloons in celebration, there are some caveats to consider. First, guests are restricted to two dogs per room, and Disney expects all friends of Pluto to mind their manners.

While no penalties for non-compliant canines have been mentioned, it’s worth considering how your dog behaves in public before you book your reservation and head out on your trip. If your dog is prone to barking or lunging at other guests, you and your fur kid may not have the best experience at Disney World.

Second, Disney has some pretty strict guidelines governing where dogs can and cannot go when staying at the resorts. Dogs are not allowed in public areas, such as pools, hotel restaurants or indoor walkways.

These restrictions are partly due to local health ordinances but are also designed to respect other guests. Believe it or not, there are people who don’t like smelling a wet dog that has just come out of the lazy river at Stormalong Bay. Others aren’t comfortable eating in restaurants where dogs are present. Others may have allergies to consider.

Last, dogs are never allowed in any of the theme parks or water parks, which raises the next question? What do you do with your furry pal while you’re out enjoying the rest of Disney World?

Dogs at Disney World, a Park of their Own

While you’re out enjoying all of the magic of a Disney World vacation, its only fair that Fido have his day. That’s why you may want to consider sending your canine friend to the Best Friends Pet Care for the day.

At Best Friends, your dog will enjoy an air-conditioned run when not out for play time with Pluto and his pals. As part of the service, Disney has employed 75 highly trained dog lovers to not only ensure that your dog has a good time but is safe and protected while doing so.

Overall, Best Friends Pet Care receives rave reviews from dog owners. Reviewers say the resort is extremely clean and that workers are caring and honest people who truly love dogs.  One person even considers Best Friends more of a spa than a kennel.

Best Friends offers a variety of services, but the day care option allows you to leave your dog in the company of other humans and canines as opposed to staying in the room alone. Play times are included as part of a package deal, ensuring that your dog will have plenty of socialization.

Day camp takes place in one of two air-conditioned rooms. Each is over 1,000 square feet and opens out into an attached yard for days when the temperatures are cooler.

Best Friends Pet Care even goes out of their way to accommodate dogs who might not care for the company of others. Another reviewer said that their dog was walked alone to make him feel secure while still providing plenty of exercise.

Pick up and drop off is convenient as well. Best Friends Pet Care has staff on hand for pick-up and drop-offs beginning one-hour before the parks open and an hour after the last resort closes.

Boarding Dogs at Disney World

Best Friends Pet Care at Disney World
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Photo courtesy of The DIS.

If you’re considering a vacation with your dog at Disney World but can’t or don’t want to book a dog-friendly room at one of Disney’s pet-friendly resorts, consider boarding your dog at Disney World’s Best Friends Pet Care. You can visit him or her when you aren’t at the parks and Disney staff provides the care and love in between.

Again, Best Friends Pet Care has received rave reviews from guests who have boarded their dog, most citing a caring and attentive staff, the cleanliness of the facility and the overall relaxed state of their pet upon pick up.

There are four packages available, offering a number of options:

Indoor/outdoor suites

  • 36 to 48-square-foot suites
  • Indoor bedroom – pet cot included
  • Outdoor patio for soaking in the sun
  • Includes one walk daily

Indoor only suites

  • 32-square foot climate-controlled suite
  • Pet cot included
  • 2 walks/day

Vacation Villa

  • 72-square foot tiled main room
  • Raised platform bed
  • Private outdoor patio for soaking in the sun (28-square feet)
  • Flat panel TV that plays Animal Planet and Disney Channel or your dog’s favorite video from home
  • 1 walk per day
  • 1 play group session with Pluto’s pals
  • Turn-down service each day

VIP Suites (4 available):

  • 226-square foot VIP suites
  • Tiled main room with glass doors
  • Raised platform bed
  • Flat panel TV that plays Animal Planet and Disney Channel or your dog’s favorite video from home
  • Personal pet concierge to take care of your dog
  • Private, covered outdoor play yard
  • 2 walks per day
  • 2 play group sessions per day
  • Ice cream treat
  • Bedtime story
  • Go-home fresh bath included in a 3-night stay)
  • Webcam for owners to check in

You can add ala carte services to all packages above, including play times or walks. You can also add special snacks and individual playtimes.

Should I Bring My Dog to Disney World?

When deciding whether to travel with your dog to Disney World, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you choose not to take advantage of boarding or daycare at the Best Friends Pet Center and opt to leave you dog in your hotel room while out at the parks, the first question to think about is how your furry friend will do without you in a strange location.  If you regularly travel with your pet, and he or she has no trouble staying in an unfamiliar environment without you, bringing your dog to Disney World should be no problem. However, you should be advised that you dog will need to be crated while you are out of the room.

Another thing to consider is how comfortable your dog is around other people. No matter where you go at a Disney resort, you are likely to run into individuals and families. If this is a stressor for your dog, or your dog tends to be aggressive around strangers, it probably isn’t the best idea to have your dog at Disney World.

On the other hand, if you have a well-trained pet who is comfortable around people in  unfamiliar environments, who is also used to being crated when you are away, you should have no trouble traveling with Fido to Disney World. Just remember to allot time in your schedule for regular walks and bathroom breaks or consider day care or boarding at Best Friends Pet Care.

Either way, know that Pluto is enthusiastically waiting to see you.

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