An Oregon Foodie’s Guide to the Best Corvallis Restaurants

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When it comes to Oregon food, many people think of Portland, but when visiting Oregon, food in Corvallis can be just as delectable and zany, only a little closer to home for many of us in this college town!

Come with us on a food journey around Corvallis, Oregon.

Bo & Vine Burgers

BO and Vine is located on the main drag in downtown Corvallis and is always busy. Large, juicy, delicious burgers, combined with a variety of bun choices, toppings, and of course, famous sauces, constantly elicit a wait.

Beyond burgers, Bo & Vine in Corvallis (and Eugene, and Salem,) also sells delectable grilled or breaded chicken sandwiches. Just like their burgers, they have a few signature options and a few specials that seem to change frequently.

Bo & Vine Corvallis restaurant
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Bo & Vine, however, is much more than a burger or chicken joint. They are famous for their delicious fries, sweet potato fries, and tots. Their fry or tot “piles” are loaded with cheese, bacon, and more on top of a heaping stack of potatoes.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, try one of their giant milkshakes. Unfortunately, I have yet to try one as we usually do delivery to avoid the lines inside the restaurant. Milkshakes are available for delivery, but I never quite trust my milkshake to arrive in good condition.

For those with food allergies or preferences, any Bo and Vine burger or sandwich can be made gluten free. They also have meatless options for those who prefer that.

The Dizzy Hen- Not Technically in Corvallis

Omelette from the Dizzy Hen restaurant
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When categorizing food in Corvallis, we sometimes look to the neighboring community of Philomath. One visit to the Dizzy Hen, and you’ll know why.

The Dizzy Hen restaurant takes a new twist on down-home cooking. Although their menu is small, it offers full flavor and constant updates based on what’s in season. When we visited, I had a delicious omelet packed with onions and winter squash. It was unique, tasteful and satisfying. They also offer flavored sodas and juices. Plus, it is a great spot to grab some baked goods and a cup of coffee!

And to top it off, their lunch is just as fresh and homemade as their breakfast choices. And that is why even though the Dizzy Hen is in Philomath, it is on our list of best Corvallis restaurants.

Benny’s Donuts- the Best Food in Corvallis for a Sweet Tooth

Benny’s Donuts is a small, shop, but still technically a restaurant. For breakfast, they are a must try. But really, who doesn’t love a donut at any time in the day?

Located in downtown Corvallis, these cake-like donuts are famous in the area. When you order your donuts, an employee hand dips and prepares each one right in front of your eyes.

Menu at Benny's Donuts offering food in Corvallis
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Flavor combos include adventurous pairings such as strawberry and balsamic, lemon lavender with pepper, and marionberry with almonds. There are also more classic flavors such as vanilla or chocolate with sprinkles, chocolate and peanut butter and German chocolate.

One of my personal favorite things about Benny’s is their gluten free options! While options for gluten-free food in Corvallis is more plentiful than other areas, finding tasty options is another matter. There certainly aren’t many places you can find fresh, delicious gluten free donuts.

Sugoi Sushi- the Best Corvallis Restaurant for Sushi

While Oregon has many sushi restaurants, none are as affordable or as fresh as Sugoi Sushi. They offer sit down or takeout service of delicious and diverse sushi types, as well as cooked items like fried rice or lo mein noodles.

It’s also one of the few table-service restaurants where you won’t have to wait for your food in Corvallis.

When you take a seat, sushi plates drift past you on a conveyor belt. When you see one you like, you simply grab it and you’re ready to eat.

Each plate is color coded with the price of that roll. Prices range from $2.00 to $4.50 a plate, with most plates being in the middle range and specialty rolls falling on the high end. Sushi can also be ordered off the large picture menu that helps decode what you see rolling by on the belt.

Oregon country collection
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Common Fields- Best Corvallis Restaurant for Diverse Options

Common Fields is located in downtown Corvallis Oregon. Rather than a traditional restaurant, this is a “food truck pod” with a taproom and 4 different food trucks.

The food trucks cover Mediterranean food, German and Bavrian food, Poke bowls, and Salvadorian cuisine.

While at Common Fields enjoying your diverse food options, step into the taproom and enjoy from a large selection of beers, then enjoy the live music. Additionally, Common fields is dog friendly for your leashed and well behaved dogs.

Winco- An Overlooked Place to Find Food in Corvallis

Winco bulk bins in Corvallis
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One of the first things my family members like to do when coming to visit, is stop by Winco. All us locals tend to overlook Winco as something special when it comes to food in Corvallis, but with all the bulk bin options, it is truly unique, especially for travelers.

In other parts of the country, finding good snacks in bulk is a luxury, and overpriced. But for us in Corvallis, we have access to every snack and ingredient we could dream of in an easy and affordable way. Before every road trip or movie night, Winco is the best place to stop for snacks.

So, now that you’ve taken your virtual journey of Corvallis’ zany eateries, why not Get Out and Explore some on your own?

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