Disney Secrets and Little Known Facts About Classic Disney Rides- Splash Mountain


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Splash Mountain is a Disney ride staple. No Disney Vacation is complete without a plunge into the brier patch. With the mountain being so popular, you may think you know everything about it, but the classic ride is hiding a number of the most mysterious of Disney World secrets.

Splash Mountain’s Special Moving Parts

animatronic on Disneys Splash mountain
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Splash Mountain is known for its watery thrill intertwined with elaborate show scenes. The show scenes come to life with the use of animatronics. Splash Mountain in WDW has a total of 68 animatronics!

A Controversial Backstory- A little known Disney Secret

Disney's secret backstory featuring Br'er Bear and fox
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Splash Mountain is the sole reminder of a long-forgotten Disney Film. Song of the South was a popular Disney film in its day, but with its depictions of slavery, it did not age well. Song of the South featured tales such a Br’er Rabbit, and Splash Mountain’s story line combines elements from a few different tales told in the movie.

 The 3 Splash Mountains of Disney

Walt Disney World Splash mountain
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Splash Mountain has 3 different counterparts, with each version having small differences. Versions can be found in Walt Disney World, Disney land, and Tokyo Disneyland. Both American versions have a drop of 52.5 feet into the brier patch. While in Tokyo, it is a 60 foot drop. Disney land’s version is about 9 minutes long, while the other two come in on the longer side of ten minutes.

Splash Mountain Almost Wasn’t “Splash Mountain”

Splash mountain Disney secrets
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The original name for was going to be “Zip-a-Dee River Run” after the infamous song that plays at the end of the ride. But the movie “Splash” came out and the current name “Splash Mountain” was created to potentially promote the movie.

The Real Disney Secret- You’re not really in the Mountain

Inside of Disney's Splash mountain
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Although some Disney magic may make it seem like the entirety of the ride takes place inside the mountain, all the inside portions of the ride take place in a show building behind the mountainous façade.

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Who Knew Mountains Were So Costly?

view of Disney Splash Mountain as going up the lifthill
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When Splash Mountain was constructed in Disneyland, it cost a whopping 75 million, which is more than four times the total cost of Disneyland when it was constructed in 1955.

Intruder Alert- Disney’s Secret Alarm System

People riding Splash mountain
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With all the unsupervised, dark sections of the ride, it’s no surprise that guests often try to step off the logs and into the show scenes. One of Disney secrets is that it features an infrared intrusion system to alert the crew if someone is not where they are supposed to be. So, it turns out, you are not so unsupervised after all!

Prime Disney Real Estate

A Disney secret of Splash mountain
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Splash Mountain may seem to be just a small briar patch, but the Disney secret is that in Walt Disney World, it covers an entire 9 acres! This includes the queue, mountain, ride building, and water holding area.

Musical Theming of the Mountains

Ending scene of Splash mountain
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Not many people notice this Disney secret, but the versions in Walt Disney World and Disneyland have the same songs, but in different styles. To fit in with their slightly different themed lands, Disney World’s Splash Mountain has a more bluegrass tone to its songs, while Disneyland has a big band and orchestra tone.

The Best Firework Views

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If you love Disney Fireworks but hate viewing them with all the crowds, Splash Mountain offers a unique perspective and only the biggest fans know this Disney secret. During the beginning of the ride as you slowly float around the top of the mountain, you will have a wonderful view with a more personalized feel. There is also nothing better than watching fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle as you plunge into the briar patch!

Sleeping Beauty loses the size battle of Disney World vs Disneyland Castle
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