Disney World Popcorn Buckets: Fan Favorites


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The recent release of the Figment refillable Disney World popcorn bucket had fans waiting through 6-hour lines to make a purchase, proving that these buckets are about more than just popcorn, but instead an important Disney souvenir. With the Figment Disney World popcorn buckets now selling for unbelievale prices on Ebay, we decided to do some research into other fan favorite Disney popcorn buckets to better understand the appeal, and what’s driving the latest Disney craze.

What Is a Disney World Themed Popcorn Bucket?

Before we begin, lets quickly discuss the difference between the collectible themed popcorn buckets and the regular ones.

The themed popcorn buckets, which are shaped to characters or Disney objects, typically cost more, and many are sought out by collectors. These are the types of buckets featured in this article.

Additionally, there are regular plastic tub refillable popcorn buckets. These are much cheaper in price and have characters printed on them.

1.  Figment

We all know the Figment Popcorn bucket caused some controversy earlier this year. Guests were reportedly waiting in lines that could reach 6 or 7 hours long, just to get their hands on this popcorn bucket.

Many guests were buying them to later resell, which angered Disney fans who wanted a Figment Disney World popcorn bucket as a souvenir.

Figment Disney World Popcorn Bucket
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Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog.

This particular popcorn bucket could only be found in EPCOT and debuted during the Festival of the Arts inside the park.

Shortly after the quick sell-out of these buckets, Disney released more and made purchasing available on the My Disney Experience App, a first for popcorn buckets.   

2. The Star Wars Disney World Popcorn Buckets

There have been two insanely popular Star Wars themed popcorn buckets released. While other designs have been available, none took off quite as much as the R2-D2 and Millennium Falcon popcorn buckets.

R2-D2 Disney World popcorn bucket
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Photo courtesy of Collective Pop.

While the Millennium Falcon bucket did lack some detail, it was still grabbed up quickly by guests. It didn’t hold much popcorn, despite its large size, but guests did not seem to care. It also featured working lights, which was a big hit.

The R2-D2 popcorn bucket was a very close replica to the character in the films, which guests loved. This popcorn bucket was only available for a limited time inside Galaxy’s Edge. Nowadays, they sell on Ebay for about $50.

3. Mickey Balloon

Another popular Disney World popcorn bucket is the Mickey Balloon bucket. Over the past couple years, we have seen many iterations of this popcorn bucket. Most recently, the “Ear-idescent” versions of this design have been released for the 50th anniversary celebrations.

photo from Disney Food Blog
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Photo from Disney Food Blog.

These popcorn buckets come in four different colors, which could be found scattered around all four main Disney World parks. The four colors include blue, red, yellow, and green, all with an iridescent sheen to them.

These popcorn buckets are a perfect souvenir if you are visiting during the 50th, and unlike many of the collectible buckets, they hold a decent amount of popcorn.

4. Toy Story Alien

With the opening of Toy Story Land inside Hollywood Studios, a new refillable Disney World popcorn bucket debuted. This one was shaped like the beloved alien characters from Toy Story.

Alien popcorn bucket
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Photo from Allears.net

This bucket quickly became a fan favorite. During one of our trips, we encountered these popcorn buckets being carried everywhere, in every park. Guests had them on as little backpacks, hanging from strollers, and of course, full of popcorn.

Despite being sold only in Hollywood Studios inside Toy Story Land, these little alien popcorn buckets became the souvenir everyone had to have.

5.Cinderella’s Carriage

Cinderella Carriage Disney World popcorn bucket
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Photo from Collective Pop.

This Disney World popcorn bucket was shaped like Cinderella’s Carriage, and featured an image of Cinderella herself, inside. This bucket may not have held the most popcorn, but it was very intricate and detailed.

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful Disney World popcorn buckets I have ever seen.

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6. Stitch

Stitch, for whatever reason, has a cult following inside the Disney World parks. In every single park, you can find various types of Stitch memorabilia, so it is no surprise the Stitch popcorn bucket was a big hit.

Just as Stitch is a fan favorite, so was his popcorn bucket.

7. Oogie Boogie- The Halloween Disney World Popcorn Bucket

The Oogie Boogie Popcorn bucket featured a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. It was offered to celebrate Halloween over the past couple years.

Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket
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Photo from Allears.net

It quickly became sought after by all Halloween fans. In the past, it was sold with both popcorn and churros. The eyes light up and glow to add a spooky element to this Halloween-themed Disney World popcorn bucket.

8. Mine Train Popcorn Bucket

This popcorn bucket is actually a bit rare. It was a limited release with the debut of Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. The Mine Train popcorn bucket was shaped just like a mine train car, filled with jewels. It even rocked back and forth similar to how the actual ride cars do.

Mine Train souvenir
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Photo from Allears.net

This Disney World popcorn bucket saw a limited release, and only a few lucky fans were able to purchase.

9. Simba

Simba bucket
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Photo credits to Allears.net

The Simba popcorn bucket was sold in Animal Kingdom recently. It quickly became beloved by guests for the simple reason that it offers a great photo op!

This popcorn bucket is shaped after a baby Simba, from the Lion King. Simba is positioned in the way he was when held up over Pride Rock in the movie.

Just imagine the number of possible photo ops holding Simba up in front of various Disney World attractions and backgrounds.

10. Skyliner

The Skyliner Popcorn bucket may be one of my favorites, and I am not alone. The debut of the Disney World Skyliner as an integral part of Disney World transportation system was a big deal.

Fans could not wait to try the new “highway in the sky” that Disney had to offer.

Soon, the Skyliner Popcorn bucket was released, and fans could not wait to bring a mini Skyliner home.

Where to Find Disney World Popcorn Buckets

Now that we have gone over some of the most sought after Disney World popcorn buckets, where can you find yours? While many of the popcorn buckets mentioned above are no longer for sale inside the parks, they can be found on Ebay or 3rd party resale sites.

At Disney World now, themed popcorn buckets can be bought inside all four main theme parks, as well as Disney Springs. They are not available at resorts.

Popcorn buckets are for sale at small popcorn carts scattered around the parks. It is important to note that just because one popcorn cart sells one themed bucket, it does not mean that all popcorn kiosks will offer that bucket. Normally, themed buckets vary by park, season, and cart location.

For example, you may find Halloween themed Disney World popcorn buckets during the Halloween season at carts near the Haunted Mansion, but at no other carts.

Similarly, Animal Kingdom will sell different popcorn buckets than Magic Kingdom, based on the themes of the buckets. Many of the 50th Anniversary buckets can be found in every park, but may be different colors based on the park you are in.

How Do You Know What Disney World Popcorn Buckets are Available

If you are looking to find out what popcorn buckets are available during your trip, the best thing to do is to ask a cast member, preferably on who is working at a popcorn cart.

They should be able to tell you what collectible buckets are available and where.

Another option you have is to search through Disney World news sites. But be aware that many of these sites will lack in-depth info and may not know exactly where the buckets are available.

What is the cost of a Collectible Disney World Popcorn Bucket?

The collectible popcorn buckets vary greatly in price based on the complexity of the bucket design. They tend to vary from $18- $25, or occasionally, even more. Popcorn refills for these buckets cost $2.00 per refill.

Regular refillable popcorn buckets are $13.

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