Mickey’s Top 3 Reasons to Visit Disney World in April


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If you read that title, thought of the spring break crowds and said, “no way!”, then let me reassure you. Once the spring breakers head home–usually by mid-April–and before the schools let out for the summer—is a beautifully tranquil time, where you can enjoy the delights of spring as well as the parks in relative quiet. Here are 3 reasons to take a trip to Disney World in this April.

1. Disney World Tranquil Temperatures in April

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One of the biggest reasons to visit Disney World in April is to enjoy some of the best temperatures and overall weather you’ll find in Florida. According to Weatherspark historical data, Orlando temperatures are sublime this time of year, averaging in the low 80s to begin the month and coming up to a beautiful 84 as April draws to a close.

You’ll have plenty of daylight to enjoy those nice temperatures as well. The sun rises at 7:15 am to open the month, but by April 30th, is shining daylight by 6:45. This is especially nice for early morning entry on mornings when the parks are already scheduled to open at 8:00 am.

Threat of rain decreases as the month wears on as well, with only a 23% chance of precipitation by the end of the month. And more importantly, humidity levels tend to fall in the comfortable range for most of the month.

2. Disney World Events in April: Flowers and Blooms Come to Life

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If tulips or daffodils have begun sprouting out of northern gardens, you can bet that flowers are in full bloom at Disney World in April. While you’ll find plenty of fanciful flora across Disney World parks and resorts, the real action is over at EPCOT, where the Flower and Garden Festival is in full swing.

Each year, the festival invites garden enthusiasts and lovers of nature to enjoy landscape displays across the park, punctuated by vibrant discussions with Disney’s horticultural experts and classes to make gardeners swoon.

However, you don’t need to know a rose from a rhododendron to enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival. If you’re a fan of Disney characters, that will suffice.

Imagine turning a corner and meeting a 14-foot tall Goofy or Chip and Dale blowing bubbles in your direction. This is the magic you’ll find at EPCOT in April, where stunning topiaries bring characters to life.

You’ll also find butterfly gardens, outdoor kitchens offering fresh garden-inspired treats and the Eat to Beath Concert Series. In 2023, the series welcomed well-known artists, such as 38 Special, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Sheila E.

Held at the America Gardens Theater across from the America Adventure Pavilion, shows are free for EPCOT guests.

3. Lower Crowds Make April Shine

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In general, most spring break vacations have ended by mid-April, making the end of the month one of the least crowded times to visit Disney World. Why do crowds matter, you may ask?

Well, for one thing, you’ll spend less time in line when crowds are light, allowing you to accomplish more in a day. Since you’ll spend each day experiencing more shows and attractions, you might even be able to save some money, by scheduling a shorter trip.

We recommend that first-timers to Disney World plan on a 6-8 day trip, but if crowds are light, you might be able to condense your vacation down to 5 days. It won’t be the most ideal situation, but it is definitely a more budget-friendly one.

You’ll also enjoy more of the Disney magic when crowds are thin. The parks are full of subtle details that are hard to see or recognize if you’re worrying about whether you’re going to step on the heel of the person walking in front of you.

The only reason our general crowd prediction might be off is if Easter falls late in April. On those years, expect high crowds until the holiday is over.

Things You Should Know About Visiting Disney World in April

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If you’re starting to think April might be a good time to visit Disney World, let’s discuss a few additional planning parameters that could impact the enjoyment of your stay.

Park Hours at Disney World in April

As the days stretch longer, you’ll find that park hours do as well. While at the time of writing, park hours had not yet been published for April of 2024, a quick look at past years confirms that this is true.

According to historical precedents, Magic Kingdom is open until 11:00 pm many nights. For early birds, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios open as early as 8:00 am and Animal Kingdom as early as 7:30 am.

Keep in mind that guests of Disney World resorts have access to Early Theme Park Entry, allowing admittance to one park a half hour before scheduled opening. With this perk, you could be entering the parks as early as 7:00 am.

With theme park hours like this, it’s easy to accommodate both the early bird and night owl.

Disney World Pricing in April

Unless Easter falls in April, pricing at most Disney World resorts falls into the low to moderate pricing categories. In fact, rack rates at Disney’s All Stars resorts hit some of the lowest of the year in April. Here are some sample rates for 2024:

Disney All Stars Resorts

April 6- May 14

$176 per night Monday through Wednesday

$192 per night Sunday and Thursday

$239 per night Friday and Saturday

Port Orleans French Quarter

April 13-May 23

$334 per night Monday through Wednesday

$350per night Sunday and Thursday

$379 per night Friday and Saturday

Animal Kingdom Lodge

April 6-May 23

$580 per night Monday through Wednesday

$596 per night Sunday and Thursday

$648 per night Friday and Saturday

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering the prices listed above. First, all pricing is exclusive of the 12.5% tax levied on Orlando hotel rooms. Also, rack rates are base prices and do not reflect any discounts or special offers that may be available, or military pricing for anyone who is eligible.

For April of 2024, for example, there are a number of special offers available, so you should definitely check those out before booking. Click here to see current special offers.

Another thing to consider is ticket pricing. While per day pricing does decrease the longer you stay, you’ll find that that a single day ticket comes in between, $ 149 and $164, with the higher prices found earlier in the month or on weekends. Again, these prices do not reflect any special offers that may be available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Visiting Disney World in April

Will I be able to swim at Disney World in April? How are the pools?

With average temperatures in the 80s, April is the perfect time to take a pool day or just slip back to your room in the afternoon for a dip! Pools are heated to around 83 degrees, so you’ll find water temperatures comfortable and not too different from the surrounding air.

Will I run into a lot of closed rides due to attraction refurbishments?

Since the Easter holiday has just wound down and summer school vacations are right around the corner, there are usually very few rides or attractions closed for refurbishment. Generally, Disney prefers to perform maintenance when crowds will be light for several weeks if not months.

Are water parks open at Disney World in April?

While one water park typically closes for refurbishment during the winter months, both are typicaly open come April, to facilitate guests who want to enjoy the warming temperatures.

Is April a good time to visit Disney World with preschool aged children?

April can be a fantastic time to visit with preschool aged children. Since the crowds tend to be lower later in the month, you’ll spend less time in line, even for character meet and greets, and find it easier to make dining reservations to enjoy character meals.

How busy is Disney World in April?

As mentioned, early April can draw quite the crowd when the Easter holiday falls during the month. On years when Easter falls in April, crowds are less, and become quite welcoming during the latter part of the month.

What should I wear at Disney World in April?

For most people, shorts and short-sleeved shirts will be comfortable during the day. Some people may like a light jacket early in the morning or later in the evening.

Does Disney World reach capacity during April?

If Easter falls in April, Disney World parks may reach capacity for a few hours a day surrounding the holiday. However, the latter part of the month is generally tranquil, with low crowds, so the fear of the parks closing due to capacity restrictions is next to nil.

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