Thrills and Chills Await at Disney World Halloween 2023

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Halloween at Disney World is always a frightfully good time. Whether you’re celebrating ghouls or goblins, villains or princesses, you’ll find that Halloween at Disney World in 2023 offers the right combination of ghoulish and whimsey to create a perfect seasonal haunt for everyone.

Here’s what’s currently expected for Halloween at Disney World in 2023, based on what was offered last year, and we’ll keep the page updated with breaking news and tips as they become available throughout the year.

When will Disney World Decorate for Halloween in 2023?

Pretty much all things Halloween in Disney World 2023 will happen in Magic Kingdom. The other parks see some small décor changes such as painted pumpkins or merch, but MK is typically the holiday hub, especially for Halloween.

While the other parks offer a few Halloween items, Magic Kingdom decks itself out. Disney World Halloween in 2023 will be no exception. Expect to see Jack o Lanterns, a giant pumpkin in the entrance to Main Street USA, and more.

We expect the Disney World Halloween 2023 decorations go up as summer winds down, typically in August and September. Dates have just been announced for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and since the first after-hours event takes place on August 11th, we’re certain to see seasonal décor up before then.

The Magic Kingdom Halloween party will continue into November.

What are the Halloween Decorations like at Magic Kingdom

Halloween Disney World 2023 décor will be as big and bold as years past in Magic Kingdom. First, a giant lit up Jack o Lantern will be in the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, followed by with more jack o lanterns, and scarecrows, as well as festive garland down Main Street USA.

Every light post around Main Street is also decorated with a Mickey head pumpkin that lights up in the evenings and to the music of parades.

Pumpkin Mickey at Disney World Halloween 2023
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During the Halloween party, the castle features new projections which create a spooky aura.

Will Parks Other than Magic Kingdom Do a Disney World Halloween in 2023?

Magic Kingdom is the Disney World Halloween 2023 hub, but there are some small Halloween items found throughout the other parks.

First, all parks will offer Halloween merch, some of which is unique to that individual location. Halloween treats and snacks can be found in each park as well.

During this time, EPCOT is traditionally in the middle of the Food and Wine festival, so Halloween is not a priority. But, we still found some painted pumpkins themed to Disney characters scattered around the park.

Animal Kingdom does the least decorating when it comes to Disney World Halloween 2023. On occasion, you will see walk about characters in Halloween garb, but this is rare. We also witnessed a lantern-type light sporting creepy spiderwebs in 2022, but it’s anyone’s guess what 2023 will bring.

Hollywood Studios follows Animal Kingdom’s lead and doesn’t do much for Halloween as well, with the exception of Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood and Vine.

This specialty character meal offers buffet style dining at Hollywood Studios favorite spot. While meeting the characters, expect to see them in holiday themed garb.

Halloween at Disney World 2023: Resorts

We all know Christmas brings the holidays to all Disney World parks and even the resorts. But, you will most likely not see festive décor at the resorts during Halloween.  A few resorts offer small Halloween displays, but not many.

Instead of décor, the resorts lean harder into Halloween activities. Some of these include: costume contests, Halloween themed arts and crafts, Halloween movie nights, and maybe even trick or treating.

Most resorts only offer these Halloween activities on Halloween, with some offer themed events for a couple days leading up to the holiday as well. Typically, Halloween night activities are jam packed at Disney resorts.

Many resorts offer a costume parade, games such as Halloween bingo, followed by trick or treating, and ending with a Halloween movie.

If you find yourself at a Disney World resort on Halloween, be sure to ask the front desk about the planned activities.

Halloween Merchandise Abounds

Disney World Halloween 2023 will be no exception to the rule of Disney merch. There will be no lack of Halloween merch from sippers to popcorn buckets and clothing.

Disney World Halloween 2023 Merch
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Last year, one of the most popular items was a Mickey pumpkin shaped purse. Other noteworthy merch items found last year were Mickey pumpkin hats, trick or treat buckets, and Zero the ghost dog everywhere.

Of course, there were also endless shirts, sweatshirts, and even some Disney Halloween themed pants during our visit in 2022. We can expect the same type of offerings for Disney World Halloween 2023.

Disney World Halloween 2023 Snacks

Just like any other holiday, expect to see themed snacks, drinks, and meals pop up around the resort for Disney World Halloween 2023. We do not have the offerings yet for this year, but we will update this when we have them. In the meantime, let’s discuss what was available last year.

Notable mentions from 2022 include the candy corn Donald Duck sipper, various apple cider drinks (spiked and non alcoholic), Mickey shaped mummy cookies, a candy corn milkshake with cider donut on top, and a Halloween themed lunch box tart at Woody’s Lunch box.

What is Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party?

Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party allows guests to have exclusive access to the Magic Kingdom and celebrate Halloween in Disney World 2023. During the party you can come in costume, ride rides, meet new characters, trick or treat around the park, score unique photo opportunities, and see the beloved Boo to You Parade.

To find out more information about Disney World’s Halloween party and keep up with information as it is announced for 2023, be sure to read our Halloween party blog and bookmark the page for easy reference.

Halloween Character Meets

Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party seems to offer more character opportunities than any of the other Disney parties, including rarely seen Disney stars. Many of these characters wear Halloween outfits, but some do not.

Some characters you can expect to see include: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Alice in Wonderland characters, Winnie the Pooh characters, Ariel and Eric, Belle and Gaston, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Daisy and Donald Duck, Goofy, Jack Skellington and Sally, Stitch, Aladdin and Jasmine, Jack Sparrow, and occasionally more.

Party Exclusive Treats

During the Disney World Halloween 2023 party, exclusive treats and snacks are available for purchase. Last year, we scored one of the party exclusive light up “Zero ghost dog” popcorn buckets, as well as a Donald Duck sipper and a Mickey Mouse Mummy.

Zero Ghost dog popcorn bucket
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Some of the specialty snacks we saw last year during the party were a worms and dirt dessert, pumpkin cupcakes, apple milkshake, candy corn soft serve, and many many more.

Trick or Treating

If you’re worried about missing trick or treating because you’re at Disney World for Halloween in 2023, don’t be! During the Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party, you can trick or treat around Magic Kingdom.

Disney World Halloween 2023 Trick or Treating
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The “treat trail” leads into all corners of Magic Kingdom. Large orange pillars direct guests to the trick or treating spots around the park. Here, cast members will give you a large handful of candy, and the best part is, you can go through as many times as you’d like. That means, unlimited treats!

And, if you have food allergies, don’t fret, Disney has a way to trick or treat while keeping you safe. Simply head through each treat trail stop and ask for an allergen coin. Then, you can exchange those coins for allergy free treats at one of the two exchange stations indicated on the maps.

Special Halloween Party Events

Besides rides, trick or treating, and snacks, expect more at the Disney World Halloween 2023 party. This includes a kid’s dance party in the circus tent, a Hocus Pocus show on the castle stage, a Halloween spectacular of fireworks lasers, and projections on the castle. To end out the night, is the main event, the Boo to You parade.

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The Boo to You parade is Disney’s premier Halloween parade. It begins with the Headless Horseman and transitions into Mickey, Minnie and friends in Halloween costumes, friendly ghosts and dancing grave diggers, beloved characters from the Haunted mansion, and more.

All throughout the parade, Main St USA and areas along the parade route see dancing lights to the music and projections.

Specialty Party Decorations

We all love the Disney World Halloween 2023 décor, but the party brings it to a new level. During the party fog and spooky lighting fill the entire park, adding to the ambience.

Magic Kingdom Castle
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The castle sees new projections and colors never seen during any other time. The jack o lanterns along Main St USA flicker to the music, and Halloween themed Disney character statues can be found.

Should I Visit Disney World During Halloween 2023?

Overall, if you’re into Halloween, it’s one season you don’t want to miss at Disney World. From the stunning decorations to the numerous activities and events that are available, visitors are sure to find the best of holiday.

Halloween is one of our favorite times to visit, and best of all, the festivities begin in August and September when hotel discounts are still plentiful. It’s the perfect time to celebrate Halloween and enjoy some Disney Magic without breaking the bank.

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