8 Ways to Make Your Luggage Stand Out When Traveling

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While flying can be the most convenient way to travel, let’s face it – the baggage claim can process is always a bit of a headache. Ever noticed how most suitcases look the same? It’s a simple recipe for disaster when someone grabs your bag by mistake.

This happened to my son on our recent trip to Bryce Canyon. He simply never found his luggage on the carousel. Some quick sleuthing on the part of Southwest baggage services revealed that someone had taken his bag by mistake. We were able to get it back, but the incident did add close to 2 hours to our travel time.

While companies like Generali can protect your travel and make it easier to recover from a luggage mix-up, why not dodge the issue from the start? Here are some super quick tips to personalize your bags, making them a cinch for you to spot and less tempting for someone with a similar suitcase to grab.

1. Go Bold or Go Home

brightly colored luggage waits to be picked up from an airline baggage carousel.
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First up, think of color. If you’re in the market for new luggage, forget the traditional black and go for something bold, like bright pink, electric blue, even neon green. If your luggage is so bright you need sunglasses to look at it, others will be less likely to confuse it with their own.  

2. Stylize the Tag

Luggage tags are not just for contact info. They’re also for flair. Using a big, bright or outrageous looking tag will help distinguish your luggage from similar bags on the carousel.

3. Sticker Shock

If you don’t mind turning your suitcase into a sticker bomb of travel memories, covering your bag in a sticker from every place you travel has its advantages. Your bag will stand out and you can relive a bit of each journey with every new one you take.

4. Strap It Up

Luggage on baggage carousel wrapped with brightly colored straps.
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Add a colorful luggage strap or two. Not only do they add an extra layer of security, keeping your bag from bursting open, but they also add a unique look. Opting for neon colors or funky patterns will also help your luggage stand out.

5. Pom-Poms and Tassels and Bows, Oh My!

Attaching something fun and fluffy to your handle – like a giant pom-pom or a bright tassel is another way to distinguish your luggage from a carousel of similar bags. We like to add Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or even a replica of our dog, but that’s just us.

6. The Power of Paint

For the artistically inclined, paint your suitcase. It’s a unique and personal way to make your bag stand out on your next trip.

7. The Charm of Charms

To set your bag apart in a more subtle way, attach some charms or keychains to the zippers. You can even get travel-themed charms from different places you visit. It’s like a charm bracelet, but for your luggage.

In the end, the goal is to make your bag stand out. With a little creativity, you can make your bag your own and also avoid luggage mix-ups that could you leave stranded without your travel essentials on your next trip.

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