What Is a Disney Magic Mobile Pass and Do You Really Want to Use It?


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Whether you call it the Mobile Magic service, the MagicMobile app or the Magic Mobile service, Disney World’s new pass on a phone is causing quite a stir. From connecting tickets to a mobile device, to using the service in the parks, guests have a lot of questions.

We recently took Disney’s Magic Mobile pass (MagicMobile) for a spin. Here’s what we found out.

What Is the Disney Magic Mobile Pass (MagicMobile)

Over the last few years, Disney World has phased out the automatic delivery of MagicBands for resort guests, encouraging instead the use of the parks’ MagicMobile service. Disney World’s Magic Mobile is meant to bring the same convenience and accessibility of the MagicBand to your phone or other mobile device.

So, what can you do with MobileMagic? The service is meant to provide a nice set of key functions;

  • Access park tickets and seamlessly tap through turnstiles to enter all of Disney World’s theme parks.
  • Hold Genie+ reservations, allowing you to tap through access points at Lightning Lane enabled attractions as you would with a MagicBand.
  • Charge purchases to your Disney World resort room during your stay.
  • Connect photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers to your Memory Maker or guest account.
  • Disney World resort guests can scan at Disney World theme park parking lots to confirm their reservation. This is important, since guests of Disney’s resorts park for free.

While it sounds nice and convenient, there is one small caveat. Disney Magic Mobile (MagicMobile) is currently only compatible with Apple devices, mainly the iPhone and Apple Watch. Android users are out of luck when it comes to tapping their way across Disney World.

Does the Disney Magic Mobile Service Really Work?

If there is one thing we love about MagicBands, it’s the speed and efficiency it brings to visiting Disney parks. That’s why we continue to purchase them or use old ones when we take our trips to Disney World. It’s far easier than pulling out a phone and tapping your way through.

While Disney says that Magic Mobile can be set up in express mode, allowing you to use the function without unlocking your phone, this was only partially true in our experience. If you are accessing functionalities for yourself only, we found MagicMobile to be quite functional and a nice timesaver, much akin to tapping a magic band. Simply approach the turnstile, access point or cash register and tap the phone.

However, for families wanting to contain all park tickets on a single device, the experience was less efficient when entering the parks or using Genie+. We watched as frazzled moms and dads pulled phones out of pockets, unlocked the device and then scanned a single pass. The owner of that ticket would then step forward and scan their fingerprint (yes, fingerprint scanning is back). Once through the line, mom or dad would have to swipe to the next pass on the phone, call up that individual, and scan the fingerprint again when entering parks.

In contrast, families with MagicBands were clearing the lines much faster as each individual could tap their band and scan their print nearly simultaneously.

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What MagicMobile Can and Can’t Do

Since the Disney Magic Mobile pass is accessed through an iPhone or Apple watch, guests often get confused between the MagicMobile service and the My Disney Experience app. What’s important to understand is that the two are separate services.

The My Disney Experience (MDE) App provides a number of key functionalities to make your stay more enjoyable. You can make dining reservations, explore your resort options, access resort reservations, check bus arrival times, see wait times on attractions, purchase Genie+ and unlock your resort room, to name a few key functionalities.

The Mobile Magic Pass can’t do any of those things. Instead, it acts as your park ticket, with a few added functionalities.

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For anyone who traveled to Disney World in the early 2000s, you probably remember the Key to the World Card. Disney issued what resembled a credit card to guests, complete with magnetic stripe. The card allowed you to scan your way into Disney parks and charge purchases to your room.

In essence, a Magic Mobile pass is the same thing as a Key to the World card. The only difference is that it sits conveniently in your phone’s digital wallet and you access it through your mobile device.

Since a Magic Mobile pass is not an app, it can’t do any of the things that the My Disney Experience app can do. If you want to access any of Disney’s more advanced digital functions and features, you’ll need to use My Disney Experience in conjunction with the Mobile Magic Pass.

How to Set MagicMobile up on Your Phone or Watch

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Setting Disney Magic Mobile up on your iPhone or Apple Watch is fairly simple, but first you’ll need access to the My Disney Experience app. If you haven’t set up your My Disney Experience account, this is a good first step. We have a complete blog to guide you through the process of setting up your account.

Once you’ve created an account, you must link your theme park tickets. Again, this is a fairly straightforward procedure, and you can read more about it in our blog on linking tickets to MDE.

Once your tickets are linked, you can go to the My Disney Experience mobile app and select tickets and passes. Your linked tickets should appear here, providing you with the option to save them to your mobile device.

You can also search for the Magic Mobile option and then select “Set Up Your Pass.” Follow the prompts to complete the process. Be sure to opt for express mode if you want to access your pass without unlocking your phone.

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Using a Disney Magic Mobile Pass on Your Vacation

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You can use your Disney Magic Mobile Pass in Express mode, meaning you won’t have to unlock your phone to tap into the park, enter the Lightning Lane, unlock your hotel room or make purchases. Simply tap and go.

However, for parents who decide to keep the family MagicMobile passes on a single device, expect to unlock your phone and do a lot of swiping to access each individual ticket.

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