Dole Whip at Disney World, What’s the Big Deal?

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Dole Whip at Disney World is a Disney dining favorite that has quickly developed a cult following. While these delectable treats can now be found elsewhere, everyone’s favorite place to enjoy them is inside of Magic Kingdom and at Disneyland.

What is Dole Whip?

To put it simply, Dole Whip is a frozen pineapple dessert. Notice how I say dessert, not ice cream? Dole Whip pineapple desserts are dairy free, making them closer to a sorbet, but with a smoother consistency.

Dole Whip at Disney comes in the regular “ice cream,” in a cone or a bowl, as well as in float form with pineapple juice. Additionally, they now come in many flavors (more on that later.)

Dole Whip is made when powdered pineapple juice and some stabilizing products are mixed with water and pushed through a soft serve machine. This process gives the concoction its creamy consistency, adding to the delectable flavor fans have come to love.

When Did Dole Whip at Disney World Start?

Dole Whip at Disney started way back in 1976, when the Dole Pineapple company decided to sponsor the Enchanted Tiki Room inside of Disneyland. They also started serving fresh pineapple juice and pineapple spears inside of the parks.

This was received very well by guests, so in 1983, Dole chose to sponsor the food stop, Aloha Isle, inside of Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. At this time, they only served pineapple juice and pineapple spears, just like in Disneyland.

It wasn’t until a year later that Dole Whip as we known it today was introduced inside of Disney World at Aloha Isle. After debuting as an instant success, Dole Whip was brought to Disneyland two years later.

Today, Dole Whip can be found inside many of the Disney parks in varying flavors, as well as Disney Aulani, and aboard Disney Cruise Line ships.

Graphic depicting the history of Dole Whip at Disney World and beyond.
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In addition to pineapple flavors, orange was introduced rather quickly, but now, Dole Whips can also be found in lime, raspberry, lemon, mango, coconut, watermelon, strawberry, and even pumpkin spice. You’ll also find a number of seasonal flavors, as well as some rather bizarre concoctions. If you’ve ever taken a bite of creamy pineapple Dole Whip and thought it just needed a hint of Jalapeno, there’s a Dole Whip for that.

Dole Whips at Disney World can typically be swirled with vanilla soft serve (not dairy free,) and at some stores more than one Dole Whip flavor can be swirled together.

Typically Dole Whip floats are “floated” in pineapple juice, or doused in another juice that  corresponds to the flavor of ice cream. Specialty flavors also exist. For example, some floats can include alcohol, specialty syrups, exotic juices such as guava, and more.

It is important to note that many flavors of Dole Whip are limited time and or seasonal, so you may not always find the exact combo you are looking for. Pineapple and orange are always available inside of Disney World.

Where is Dole Whip Sold at Disney World?

For some time, the Dole Whip at Disney World experience was confined to Magic Kingdom, but not anymore. Dole Whip can now be found just about everywhere, if you know where to look.

Aloha Isle

When it comes to Dole Whip at Disney World, Aloha Isle is the OG place to get them. As mentioned above, Aloha Isle has been serving Dole Whip since the 80s.

Aloha Isle is located inside of Adventureland, right next to Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, near the walkway to Frontierland.

Aloha Isle serves the traditional pineapple flavor, in addition to raspberry and coconut, and swirls of each. There are also many rotating flavors at this Dole Whip stand based on seasonality, as well as special events happening in the park.

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Exterior of Sunshine Tree Terrace food stop, one of the places where Dole Whip was served at Disney World
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Sunshine Tree is also inside of Adventureland in MK. Yes, two dole whip stands in one land! Sunshine Tree Terrace has become famous for its orange Dole Whip, along with the beloved mascot, Orange Bird.

Orange Bird, the mascot for orange flavored Dole Whip at Disney World
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Here, guests can get regular vanilla and chocolate soft serve, as well as orange and strawberry Dole  Whip, and swirls of varying combinations.

Sunshine Tree Terrace is known for its floats, of all kinds. The menu has sodas, juices, and even Powerade that can be mixed with any ice cream or Dole Whip flavor the stand serves. Options galore!

Be aware, this stand often has very long lines, but mobile ordering is available.

Swirls on the Water

Two specialty Dole Whip concoctions served at Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs.
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Swirls on the Water is located on the footbridge in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs. This stand Serves the only flights of Dole Whip at Disney World.

The flights come with 3 flavors of Dole Whip and varying  toppings. Additionally, there are  Dole Whip floats that come in an alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions, with flavors that are constantly changing and rotating based on what flights are available. Dole Whip flights are a great way to sample new Dole Whip flavors without filling up.

Swirls on the Water is  also the only place to serve Dole Whip Nachos. This concoction consists of a waffle cone with Dole Whip and other toppings, set up in a nacho format.

Pineapple Lanai

Regular Dole Whip treat served at Disney World's Polynesian REsort.
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Pineapple Lanai can be found tucked away outside the back lobby doors of Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Guests who stay at the Poly have the added perk of accessing Dole Whip at Disney whenever they please.

This stand currently serves the traditional pineapple Dole Whip, as well as vanilla soft serve, which can be swirled with the pineapple flavor. Additionally, they serve a lime Dole Whip.

Lime Dole Whip concoction at Disney World
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But, if you are hoping to score a taste of the lime, you will want to hurry, as it may be disappearing or changing flavors when the 50th anniversary celebration ends.

Pineapple Lanai serves Dole Whip Floats with the above flavors, as well as a float with rum.

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Dole Whip treat served at Disney's Animal Kingdom park, Tamu Tamu Refreshements.
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After crossing the bridge inside Animal Kingdom from Discovery Island to Africa, there is a small window in one of the buildings straight ahead. Here in this quaint little refreshment stand, is the only place to get Dole Whip at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Tamu Tamu Refreshments serves up baked goods and breakfast sandwiches in addition to  Dole Whip Pineapple Ice Cream and floats. They also serve specialty Dole Whips themed after Lion King characters with flavorful syrups.

All the Dole Whip and float options here can be ordered with alcohol—for those over 21, of course.

Additional Places to find Dole Whip at Disney World

Inside Typhoon Lagoon water park, guests can enjoy Pineapple, Lime, Mango or Raspberry Dole Whip and floats, as well as swirls of the flavors at the Snack Shack.

Blizzard Beach’s Warming Hut offers pineapple and orange Dole Whip, as well as vanilla soft serve.

The Refreshment Outpost inside of EPCOT’s World Showcase serves up watermelon and pineapple Dole Whip flavors, that can also be done in a swirl.

Another place to find Dole Whip at Disney World is at the seasonal Backstretch Pool Bar inside Saratoga Springs. Here, you can get the traditional Doel Whip Ice Cream.

The last place Dole Whip at Disney can be found is seasonally inside EPCOT. During the various festivals EPCOT hosts, food carts are set up around the park. On occasion, these food carts serve up unique Dole Whip flavors that cannot be found anywhere else, and typically, never return.

What’s the Big Deal About Dole Whip?

Dole Whip at Disney World has a cult following. People will wait in some of the longest lines at Disney parks for a Dole whip and often buy themed merchandise, such as magnets, clothing, and even purses, but why?

Dole Whip cools you down on those hot Disney days with a creamy texture, and refreshing flavors. Because they are dairy free, they’re lighter than ice cream, and the flavor combos are endless.

Don’t believe me? Let’s see what others have to say. NHWanderlust left this review on Trip Advisor: “We took a boat and the monorail from Wilderness Lodge just to get one of these delicious Dole Whips. They’re a real treat – inexpensive, fresh, and fun. You can get just a plain soft serve or a twist, a float, so many options. One of our favorite things at WDW.”

Another Dole Whip lover, Rebecca O left this review on TripAdvisor about the specialty Lava Float at Sunshine Tree Terrace: “You may be tempted to grab the first Dole Whip you can find…but trust me wait and buy the I Lava You Float. It is so super delicious! The lava popping in your mouth makes eating it an enjoyable experience in so many magical ways! search out this place and buy this!”

When Is Dole Whip Day?

Regular Dole Whip and Dole Whip Float at Disney World
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Dole Whip Day is July 21st each year. Disney celebrates Dole Whip Day by releasing limited flavors, or specialty Dole Whip floats on the day and for a few days after.

Besides limited edition flavors and flavor combinations, Disney also releases other desserts. For example, last Dole Whip Day, Dole Whip cupcakes could be purchased at the Contemporary Resort.

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