7+ Things Disney World Should Bring Back Pronto


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Guests agree, there are just some things Disney World should bring back. We’ve assemble our list of fan favorites, in no particular order. Take a look and let us know if you agree.

Please Mr. Disney, Bring Back Early Morning Magic

Slinky Dog Dash against the morning sky as part of the Early Morning Magic, something Disney World needs to bring back.
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Long considered by us as the best splurge at Disney World, Early Morning Magic allowed you to enter certain theme parks early. While the concept sounds similar to the former Extra Magic Hours or the current Extended Theme Park hours, there are some critical differences.

First, entry to Early Morning Magic was by ticket only and attendance was capped. That means you could enter the parks early, ride the available attractions with little to no wait, and be finished with some of the biggest headliners before other guests entered the park. Best of all, breakfast was included in the cost of admission.

We attended the Hollywood Studios Early Morning Magic shortly after the new Toy Story Land opened. Our ticket purchase allowed us to experience all of the attractions in the new land, as many times as we wanted, before day guests were allowed beyond the park turnstiles.

Unfortunately, due to super cold weather on our reserved date, Slinky Dog was unwilling to come out to play, so we enjoyed 3 very competitive rounds of action on Toy Story Mania and walked right onto Aliens Swirling Saucers. Then, since Slinky Dog was still working out his kinks, we walked over to Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster about ten minutes before official park opening.

We thought we’d get in line ahead of the crowds, but the ride was open and running. We rode the ride twice with no wait before rushing over to Tower of Terror. Again, there was no line.

In the end, we experienced 2 rides that traditionally stack up long queues before regular day guests entered the parks.

Since lines were starting to form by the time we left Tower of Terror, we decided to get our all-inclusive breakfast before they closed the restaurant. It was surprisingly delicious, but that wasn’t the only surprise in store of us. When we checked ride times in the My Disney Experience app, we noticed that we’d been gifted 2 FastPass (now Genie+ Lightning Lane) reservations for each guest.

Other Disney fans we know took advantage of Extra Morning Magic hours at Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, where they had a similar experience. While there are many ways you can spend money at Disney World, this big splurge was well worth it.

Oh, How We Miss Push, the Talking Trash Can

If you visited Disney World in the late 90s or early 2000s, you may have encountered a rather strange phenomenon. At random times throughout the day, what seemed like an ordinary and stationary trash can would begin moving around the park. When guests came near, it would even begin talking and interacting with those nearby.

Push the Talking Trash Can became a beloved icon at Disney World, even sparking a grassroots movement to elect it as mayor of Tomorrowland. For kids and adults alike, Push provided a fun and surprising distraction from the usual agenda of rides and shows.

Unfortunately, Push was retired in 2014, despite a social media campaign petitioning Disney to keep the talking trash can within Tomorrowland. Today, a similar version of Push, in the form of a recycling bin named Pipa, can be found in Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom.

Bring Back the Rip-Roaring Yeti

If you’re relatively new to Disney World travel, you may not realize that the Yeti hiding within the Expedition Everest ride is only a shadow of his former self. The Yeti, well known for ripping up the tracks on the famed excursion up the Forbidden Mountain, used to roar and reach for passengers as they passed beneath his perch on a narrow ledge above the ride.

Unfortunately, all of the reaching proved too much for the old guy, wearing through his supports in a way that proved a potential hazard to those below. Rather than work some re-engineering magic, Disney decided to stop the moving animatronic in his tracks. To simulate the illusion of movement, they added a flashing strobe light, giving the oversized primate the nickname of Disco Yeti.

As it turns out, the strobe effect is not that – well, effective as many guests now completely miss the yeti’s appearance in the dark. Riders today are certainly missing out on what was once one of the best parts of the ride.

Gone but not Forgotten

If there is one thing Disney fans dislike, it’s when the powers that be close favorite attractions and never reopen them. Two of these have withstood the test of time with dedicated Disney followers calling for their return.

The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage is the first of these. To ride, guests would board boats designed to resemble submarines, step down into the chamber below water level, and then embark on a 20-minute voyage beneath the “ocean.”

Themed to the movie of the same name, the ride follows much of the film’s plot. Guests could watch eels and other marine life swim around their sub before encountering various movie-related hazards. In the end, a narrow escape from a viscious squid made riders happy to be back on land again.

The second ride that Disney fans want to see returned is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. This dark ride closely resembled its counterpart in Disneyland, but was removed amid protest to make way for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Since Mr. Toad has officially handed over the deed to the spot to Mr. Pooh, as witnessed in the final scenes of the Pooh ride, we doubt this dream will be fulfilled anytime soon.

We’re Hungry, Bring Back the Disney Dining Plan

Pizza Rizzo Restaurant, once a part of the Disney Dining Plan, something Disney world needs to bring back.
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The Disney Dining Plan was a wonderful invention that allowed guests to pay a flat rate for food each day and bundle it within the cost of their vacation package. Plans included two meals a day and two snacks which turns out to be as much food as most people would want to eat in a single day.

However, if you’re housing ravenous teenagers or just like to eat when on vacation, Disney had you covered with a plan offering 3 meals per person, per day as well as snacks. With some plans, alcoholic beverages were covered when ordered with a meal.

Then came the COVID-19 pandemic and Disney World park closures. When the parks reopened, they did so at reduced capacity. With fewer people in the park, there was no need to reopen all of the restaurants across the Disney World universe, so the dining pan was suspended as well.

We’ve been told that the Disney Dining Plan is returning, but to date, the powers that be have been close-lipped about any actual date. Hold tight Disney Dining Plan fans and keep checking back. We’ll let you know as soon as the dining plan returns (you can also subscribe to our newsletter for updates.)

The Old Way to Ride the Monorail

Disney World Transportation and Ticket Center Monorail.
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Once upon a time, Disney World was a fairy tale place, where guests were allowed special experiences if they new where to ask. One of these was the chance to help pilot the monorail.

Guests could ask a Disney cast member at the station if they could ride up front with the conductor. They would then be put in a special line and boarded into the very front of the train when it arrived.

From here, riders had an up front view of the tracks. Most conductors would even share little-known facts about the monorail and its operation. Unfortunately, this is one Bring-Back experience we doubt will ever return, as guest ride-alongs have been suspended for safety reasons.

Bring Back the Perks and Free Extras

Over the years, Disney has begun charging for many things that were once included in the cost of a Disney World resort stay or theme park ticket. As expected, guests continue to petition Disney to bring back the freebies. One of these is free resort parking.

Once upon a time, if you stayed at a Disney World resort, parking was included. These days, you’ll pay anywhere from $15-$25 park a car at your onsite resort hotel.

Until 2022, this wasn’t as much of a problem for visitors to Disney World thanks to Magical Express. Magical Express provided free airport transfers, so guests did not need to rent a car. Unfortunately, the last Magical Express bus closed its doors at the end of 2021, making room for more guests to pay parking.

Of course, neither compares to the recently  released Genie+ service. In case you aren’t aware, Genie+ allows guests to pay $15 a day to skip the regular ride queue in favor of a faster Lightning Lane. Guests must prebook a one-hour ride widow to accomplish this, but it can be quite a time saver.

The issue arises when you consider that Genie+ replaces the now defunct FastPass+ service, which accomplished essentially the same goal, but was included in the cost of a theme park ticket.

To take matters further, some die-hard Disney fans would like to see a return of the original FastPass system. One guest who commented on our unofficial poll said he prefered the paper tickets and running to various turnstiles to secure a place in line.

What Do You Think?

Now that we’ve shared our curated list of things Disney World needs to bring back, tell us what you think! What do you wish Disney World would return to the park-going experience?

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